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Most people assume that if they don’t have immediate leaks or easy-to-see missing shingles, they didn’t sustain any damage. While missing shingles is obvious, most damage is not nearly as obvious, and even substantial damage requires a trained eye to identify it. The same is true for hail damage. It is unlikely to be visible from the ground and can be confused or mistaken for a blister to the untrained eye.

Dealing with a damaged roof is stressful enough as it is. Greater Orlando Roofing will calm your worries with guaranteed solutions for your roof damage.

Central Florida enjoys a host of great roofing contractors including GO Roofing. There are not a multitude of roofing contractors with the knowledge and experience to properly identify roof damage and give you an honest assessment. GO Roofing does and will.

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GO Roofing is here to take the reins to make the repairs process as easy and with as little disruption as possible. While insurance claims might seem like a really complicated process, and it is if you don’t know what you’re doing or you try to handle it all yourself, our experts deal with everything except the actual filing of the claim. You don’t have to deal with any of the paperwork, faxing, calling, working with the adjuster, etc. so you are able to continue your routine with minimal interruption.


GO Roofing will ensure your property obtains a fair assessment. We will measure, diagram, photograph, and document all of the damages. If there is interior damage that is related to the roof we work with our sister company Greater Orlando Builders, a licensed general contractor. We use a program called Xactimate to create a line-by-line scope of work just like what the insurance company will do. This allows us to ensures you get a fair assessment.
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